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MAGYARS, the name of the dominant race in Hungary, 01 Hungarians proper. Though they have become physically assimilated to the western peoples, they belong in origin and language to the Finno-Ugrian (q.v.) division of the Ural-Altak race. They form barely half of the population of Hungary, bul are by far the largest and most compact of all its racial groups Magyar is the official language of Hungary, the official name of which (Magvarorzag, or country of the Magyars ) enshrines the Magyar claim to predominance. While all Magyars are properly Hungarians, all Hungarians are not necessarily Magyars. Hungarian may be used as a generic term covering all the various races of Hungary, while Magyar is strictly specific to a single group. The Magyars themselves, indeed, sometimes apply the name Magyarorzdg to Hungary proper, excluding Croatia-Slavonia, the whole kingdom being called Magyarbirodalom, the Magyar monarchy or realm.