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The Khakas lands had 311 sunny days around a year are located in southern Siberia on the left  bank of world’s fourth biggest river Yenisei (in Khakas – Mother’s river ‘Ine-sai’). The Khakas Republic has a neighborhood with Kemerovo Region, Krasnoyarsk Province, Altai and Tyva Republics.   

Due to that if you plan to travel to southern Siberian republic of Altai and Tyva or Kemerovo and Krasnoyarsk you could from there realize an easy passing by land and air over  Altai, Saian, Kuznetsk Alatau mountains and Yenissei [in Khakas is Ene-sai ‘the Mother River’ ] to the Khakas Republic (Capital of which is Abakan “a Bear’s Blood”). But if you ask my opinion about the most appropriate season for travel to Siberia I would say, that this is a summer and beginnings of spring and autumn ones. It is very hot  in summer in Khakasia up to 35/36 grade of C and in spite of that nights’ temperatures are relatively cool. Meanwhile an average temperature in Khakas summer is 25 – 28 grade of C hence you

Throughout the our Motherland on and under of Khakas steppes there are a lot of historical monuments in form of tumuli and burials sites thanks to high density of which Khakas land have been accepted in both  scientific and usual worlds as open-air museum.

Many historic monuments of Khakas steppes dated by several thousands of years B.C. In spite of Khakas Republic’s relatively little territory, there are approximately 500 small and big rives and about 400 lakes, mountain peaks covered by white snow and which are useful in summer and winter for mountain-skiing, mountain caves and grottos (eg. Pandorra cave’s long is about 15 km and this cave is longest one throughout the former Soviet Union), menhir stones that has energetic fields, wild taigas (mountain-based forests), many thousands of ancient petroglyths painted on stones and rocks and belonged to ancient times of history when on the territory of Khakassian lands there in same or different periods lived Scythian, Ugrian, Ketian, Tagarian (Persian-speaking), Turkic, and Mongolian tribes.

Our land is a heaven thanks to archaeological, cultural, and natural wonders and richness. Socio-political stability in Khakas Republic where over 100 different nationalities live together makes our Motherland more attractive and favorable to foreign touristic pilgrimages. Every year many thousands of people from other countries visit our Khakas lands and become filled with admiration to outstanding natural and cultural treasures of this country forever.

So, why do you still wait? Take a plane and get yourselves on ancient and fabulous Khakas lands where up to our days protected and survived traditional Khakas shamanic atmosphere and mystic rituals continue.

Timur Bulat DAVLET  (11 Alai 2001)