Zamanda geriye doğru yolculuk yapmanın en kısa yolu tarih okumaktır




(1635- .. )

The heart’s both wine-cup and wine, the roguish tavern-lad as well;

The heart’s the total of the lover, as it’s there his humours dwell.


What though I spend a thousand lives for just a moment’s view of him?

The Heart’s been captive to his love for years too numerous to tell.


Your love is in my heart, sol et my body be the dust you tread!

The heart will live on in a would more real, though death destroy its shell.


İt’s nothing but o note, but when illumined by the sun of love,

The heart’s an emblem orb atop the dome of fortune’s citadel.


No wonder that Nef’i should keep on holding parties with his heart!

The heart’s both wine-cup and the wine, the toguish tavern-lad as well.

(Translated by John. R. Walsh, 101Poems by 101Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)