Zamanda geriye doğru yolculuk yapmanın en kısa yolu tarih okumaktır



Kazak Abdal

(16th century)

Hey you ape, product of the jungle

You come to the bazaar to overlook others

You heathen you truant

Can’t you find a darwish to greet?


When someone comes to you, you abuse him

If asked a question you cause everyone to err

If I open your heart I can’t find any trace of humanity

You come to the mosque to abuse us all

You boot licker of starngers

You whimpering snotty snout

You only have a haircut at festival-times

In a barber’s shop you despise his trainee


You wander in valleys and mountains

You holder of a fief

You can’t pronuounce Alif

And you lend a pedantic ear

To the sound of the Adhan

(Translated by Mevlut Ceylan, 101Poems by 101Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)