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Hacı Bayram Veli


Altındağ Municipality/Ankara Altındağ Municipality - Ankara

Between two worlds my Lord a city built,

In every suburb is his Presence felt.


Arriving there, I saw its pavements laid,

I, too, of the same stone and earth was made.


Disciples cut the stones that He will fit,

On every piece of stone His name is writ.


Arrows shot from these walls travel far,

Wise men barter their words at this bazaar.


It is the city of the heart, nor tame nor wild,

On all its streets the blood of saints is spilled.


The Learned know, tne ignorant are amazed,

Bayram upon the minarets cries, God be praised!

(Translated by Nermin Menemencioğlu, 101 Poems by 101 Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)