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Gülseli İnal

(1947- ….)

All Aflame Was Desertion

The smarting agony in my soul was stil flowing

in the courtyard crushed by the magnolia

suddenly I was awaiting the fresh sprouts

the adventure of the root in the soil of the ivy

         all aflame

         was desertion


suddenly unexpectedly the gren twinge

crushed that which raced through your eyes

the mouth making promises to the false stars

receding was the flowing twinge

          alonge the dead river


my hair the light gren of the nile

my skin the light gren of the nile

my strange dark eyes and gaze

were watching incessantly that which went

in the ruby spinning Wheel waters of the river


on my body lit up the day’s moss

together with the bkeleton of a flower

my voice echoed in your

the lusty magnolia in your gaze.

(Translated by Suat Karantay, 101Poems by 101Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)