Zamanda geriye doğru yolculuk yapmanın en kısa yolu tarih okumaktır





Let your grace, my only Lord, forever be my only guide;

Lead me not by any path that leads not to where You abide.


Sever my relations with whoever is apart from You;

Confidants to me, too, make, those blessed in whom You confide.


Resolutely let my faith proceed along that thoroughfare

Over which the Holy Law shall guide my progress stride by stride.


Though alas, no deed I’ve ever done is such as You deserve,

Yet, I know, Your justice will requite the hopes my acts belied.


Fear and error, these are what perturb me so! My hope is that

Pardon and indulgence won’t, of You great mercy, be denied.


What is meet me I know not; You’re the Judge. I only ask

That it be meet to You, also, whatsoever you decide.


Anything that You desire I Likewise am desirous of.

God forbid I should conceive a purpose, leaving You aside!


Keep me not o captive, like Fuzuli, caged by my desires;

Grant, O Lord, a way of immolation that shall lead outside!

(Translated by John R. Walsh, 101 Poems by 101 Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)