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Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel


The Escaper

They called you ugly

I became enemy to beauty

And faithless

I even turned from God

You picked the golden coins

Tossed to you by lustful hands

I grew to hate virtue


I did not call you ugly

Did not call you faithless

Like your religion

To me, your curses were blessed

You lingered in my heart five years

Not once did I call you a guest

How did you think

Of this ezcape now tell me


To the wires of your godhead

Strong as bowstrings

My heart will go tied

Pitiless for centuries

If like a nymph yo urun

From mountain to mountain

I will follow you like a monster

For centuries

(Translated by Murat Nemet-Nejat, 101Poems by 101Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)