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Enis Batur

(1952- … )

Four-timely Poems

     “….just as a spider may wander in a deserted cellar where nobody has com efor a long while, in the dark mouth of a great, empty jar, aimlessly (according to you aimlessly, but according to him…)”



If where nobody has com efor a long while

in a deserted cellar (in the dark mouth

of a great empty jar) I wander aimlessly,

what could be the absent aim of my presence

(which the day tires and the night feeds) expeck

to look at the shadowed face of

life (often weighting heavily on me)?


This web that I spin, I do not know how many.

If the God who gave each his space

Had not forgotten mine, would I

Write with my salvia-tongue the emptiness emptily?


If where nobody has com efor a long while

İn a deserted cellar I wander

Emptily, so can I myself fill

And myself empty the great jar of meaning if need be:

In the night, in loneliness, in the shoreless bottomless sea,

with this heart-beat that flows into my boundless body,

without counting time and dice, I can light lanterns

how many.

(Translated by Oruç Aruoba, 101Poems by 101Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)