Zamanda geriye doğru yolculuk yapmanın en kısa yolu tarih okumaktır




(d. c. 1860)

The Avshar tribes are changing hearts

These slowly moving tribes are ours.

Our Arab moutns shall cleave the miles

The mountain roads up there are ours.


Our swords have blades of Kerman steel,

Our spears have points that pierce the kocks,

There’s a decree concerning us,

The decree is the Sultan’s, the mountains are ours.


Dadaloğlu, tomorrow we fight,

Rifles will sing, saddlerums will beat,

Brave young men will fall to the ground,

The dead will be gone, the living are ours.

(Translated by Nermin Menemencioğlu, 101Poems by 101Poets An Anthology of Turkish Poetry)