Zamanda geriye doğru yolculuk yapmanın en kısa yolu tarih okumaktır




önceki  sonraki

An early morning practice to warm up the horses before the race.  Inchc village.

381. Atlara sabah koşusu

Before the horse races begin felts are spread for the elders (yashuli) and clergy to sit on. Garkaz village, Jargalân.

382. At yarışına hazırlık

A Nokhorli elder (yashuli) attentively watching the race.  Karposhli village.  Jargalân.

383.Yaşlılar at yarışında

First section; two young horses racing along the straight path. Garkaz village.

384. Genç atlar yarışta

The trainer covers the sweating horse with felts and horse blankets to protect it from the North Wind.  The horse continues to sweat under the warm coverings and thus rids its body of toxins.  The trainer checks the decreasing level of the toxins by tasting the sweat of the horse and removes the coverings one by one accordingly.  This is called sweetening (the horse sweat ) Karposhli village, Jargalân.

385. Keçeyle kapanan at çadırı

"They're off!" Second section' a race using well-trained strong horses.  Inchc village.

386. Atlar zorlu yarışta

Ata Ishan the village religious figure and mystic in his study at the Theological School.  Garkaz village

387. Köyün dini lideri

The interior decor of a house. Bachc-Darreh village

388. Bir odanın içi

A niche in a Nokhorli house.  Qabelqa village, decorated with triangles believed to have talismanic power

389. Evin içinde bir niş

Stylized paintings of the sun and ramhorn designs on the walls of village houses.  Jargalân

390. Koç boynuzu figürü


Wall decoration paintings of a house at bacpolad village. At one times, these paintings were used to save the residence of the house and to repel the wickedness.

391. Duvar süslemesi

Wall of a room in bacpolad village. Ramhorn which is horn of plenty can be seen evrywhere.

392. Bir evın duvarı

The interior decor of a room in the Nokhorli village of Qabelqa

393. Bir evin içi 

The porch of a house.  Bak Poulad village

394. Evin kapı saçağı

Ramhorn shaped wooden capitals in Doydokh villages.

395. Koç boynuzu şeklinde tahta oyma

Ramhorn shaped wooden capitals in Yomuq villages

396. Koç boynuzu biçiminde tahta oyma

The window of a wooden house.  Gomishan

397. Tahta evin penceresi

The porch of a wooden house in Khajeh-Nafas.  Fish can be seen hanging up to dry.

398. Tahta evin kapı saçağı

The windows of the deserted Russian Consulate at Gomishan.

399. Terkedilmiş Rus konsolosluğunun pencereleri

Garkaz village in early winter.

400. Köyde kış başlangıcı